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Spring Special 50.00 off
 Full Set of Lavish Lash 
EyeLash Extensions
                                               April 7th - April 29th

Our certified lash artist  will consult with you & explain the difference between our bold minks & silky minks.

Why is there a  difference in eyelash pricing?
Shumai-Chi uses Certified Lavish Lashes with their award winning fumeless adhesive for your protection & comfort.  There is a  vast difference in the quality of the lashes and adhesives we trust than the less expensive generic brands. We offer Classic, Glamour & Ultra Lashes to achieve
the look you desire. 

How do I prepare for my eyelash extensions?
No eye make up
No contact lenses
Our certified lash artist will remove any remaining oils to prepare  you for your eyelash extensions.

How long do eyelash extensions last?
Eyelash extensions will vary for the individual client.

If you decide to maintain your eyelash extensions we recommend 
a relash in 2-3 weeks.  If you desire eyelash extensions for a special event and decide not to do maintenance relash visits they will naturally shed.  Approximately 2 months is the average life of a natural lash.


Will they harm my natural lashes?
 No, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied to each individual  lash.  Professional eyelash extensions that look, feel and wear like your own luscious lashes.

*If you have a nervous habit of pulling on your lashes  you may not want   to consider semi- permanent eyelash extensions.  

We do not recommend you wear your eyelash extensions in the sauna.  Swimming, exercise and daily activities will not harm your 
new eyelash extensions.

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       Lash Artist Full Set Bold Mink $250.
       Lash Artist Full Set Silky Mink $275.

         1 week   Relash      $25 - 35
         2 week   Relash      $45 - 60
         3 week   Relash      $55 - 70
         4 week   Relash      $90- 105 

After 4 weeks a consultation is need for pricing