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Yon-ka Signature Facials
Enter a world of synergy....naturally

E'clat Cocoon   ($125.)  60 m

 Hot Stone Facial, Yonka Skin Care, Shumai-Chi Best Facials, Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, Medina, Strongsville, Brunswick,Berea

Quench  the skin with a  hydrating, relaxing  hot stone facial. 
Rehydrate and Relax your worries away.  The perfect one hour escape to relieve stress and renew your skin. 

 Stimuline Elastine Facial  (150) 1 hr

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Indulge in nature's powerful restructuring  natural face lift..  Reducing the span and depth of wrinkles, smoothing the skin and restoring its glow.       
Results:   Preservation of elastic fibers 
                                                                                   Reinforcement of the skins structure.
                                                               Clinically proven results



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 Hydralessence Facial (110.+)

Enliven your skin with deep cleansing and restorative hydration experience. This facial is plant-based with Anti-inflammatory properties. Flower extracts soothe and treat  your skin against the elements of nature.     Customized for all Seasons                

Brazilian Waxing, Male Waxing, Bikini Wax , Deep Pore Facials, Shumai-Chi The Skin Studio
 Grand Classique ($110) 1hr 15m
 Deep cleansing facial in 5 phases exclusive Yon-ka method. Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. Deep micro-peel to exfoliate and lift dead skin cells. Revealing                                            a softened brightened complexion. 

Alpha Vital ($135) 1hr 15m
Alpha Hydroxy, Plant  Peels, Facial, Anti Age Facial, Yonka Alpha Vital Facial, Shumai-Chi The Skin Studio
Through organically sourced Aha-Bha, this fruit acid resurfaces, softens lines and restores creating a healthy cell renewal. A Delicately prepared peel off mask unveils a youthful complexion  enveloped in comfort & 

                                                              Optimizer Lift Facial   $165

Best Facial, Shumai-Chi The Skin Studio, Yonka Optimizer Lift Facial
A three dimensional lifting and firming anti-age facial targeting wrinkles and elasticity.  Natures alternative to botox and collagen injections.  A mini face lift utilizing natural marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, reducing wrinkles and lines for an uplifting and smoothing effect. Restorative and corrective facial revealing a youthful glow.