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Micro-current Facial

Micro-current is very well known to be one of the most effective non-surgical methods to take years off of your face. Our treatments take the efficiency of  a micro-current face lift to a whole new level by using it to re-balance facial symmetry. 

Microcurrent Facial
 Along with award winning skin care products, this combination provides amazing results and is incredibly relaxing all at the same time. Since micro-current is completely sub-sensory, most clients fall asleep.

  Micro-current increases cell-energy, nutrient absorption and creates healthy cell metabolism. Micro current stimulates the tissue, helps to improve collagen, elasticity and lift and redefine the face and neck.

 Bringing a whole new frontier of comfort to a face lift, we are confident you'll be a fan of this non-invasive, restorative technique using Dr. Charles Jade Therapy incorporated with Siang Mien, reading of faces from ancient China. 

  •   Single Treatment     75.
  •    Add a aha peel         25.
  •    Add to any facial     50.