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Yonka Body Wraps



All body treatments open with a ceremonial aromatic foot compress

and close with a aromatic freshness of awakening.

Organic Peppermint  Body Wrap

Slimming treatment with seaweed

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Gradually remodel the figure, eliminate cellulite while keeping the skin firm. Under the effect of specific techniques this organic seaweed body wrap is concentrated with plant extract., The circulation is stimulated, intensifying exchanges, gently accelerating the elimination process.

60 min. 


For whom and when?

  • Anyone who wants to sculpt their figure
  • All who suffer from fat retention
  • Advise as a course of treatments or jump start to weight loss

Yon-ka Phyto-Fermete Firming and Lifting Body Wrap / Treatment

This magnificently scented citrus and fresh herbs Essential Oil blend absorbs beautifully. Intensly shapes and firms, preventing vulnerable tissues of the body from premature aging and loss of elasticity. A masterpiece massage for a body beautiful regime.

75 Minutes $150

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For whom and when?

  • For all who want an anti-ageing firming treatment
  • After pregnancy
  • After weight loss
  • Advise as a single treatment, a series of treatments or as a routine treatment

Make it last at home

  • Galbol 190 - hops firming body fluid - intensely shapes,firms,hydrates tightens stimulates, corrects tissue pressure.

  • Phyto 152 - rosemary firming body cream - intensive firming,anti-aging, rejuvenates, hydrates. 12% rosemary detoxifies and balances. Intensive firming, anti-aging.

Yon-ka Aroma Minceur

Anti-Toxin Slimming Treatment

Yonka Body Wraps, Yonka Shumai-Chi

This detoxifying warm body wrap is a comprehensive slimming regimen that sculpts and trims the silhouette by contouring fatty tissues. This aromatic Kawa-Kawa botanical is both preventative and corrective by increasing circulation and diminishing cellulite.

60 Minutes $150


  • A visibly slimmer, shapelier figure
  • Smooths out "orange peel" skin
  • A sculpted figure
  • Advise as a slimming treatment in a series or to maintain your shape Make it last at home

  •  Yonka Creme 55 - with draining ivy to be used in alternation with Creme 155
  •  Creme 155 - Anti-cellulite creme with nutmeg extracts for fat oxidation

For whom and when?

Make it last at home

  • Yonka Creme 55 - climbing ivy slimming cream for water retention reduces

    reduces tissue pressure, strengthens capillaries, increases circulation.

  • Yonka Creme 155 - wintergreen slimming cream for fat retention, drains, anti-inflammatory, alleviates pain, oxidizes fat

Yon-ka Jambes Toniques

Anti-Fatigue Leg Treatment

This pleasant refreshing anti-fatigue leg treatment is coveted by runners, professional athletes, those who suffer from restless leg syndrome, or anyone that wants to firm and rejuvenate their legs. Promotes youthful looking legs you won't want to hide.

45 Minutes $99.00

Firming  Body Wrap
  • Anyone suffering from heavy legs
  • After a marathon​
  • Advise as a add-on to any facial treatment

Make it last at home

  • Yonka Creme 55 - climbing ivy slimming cream for water retention.
  •  Phyto 152 - anti-inflammatory, alleviates pain, promotes capillary health


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