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Male Services

 Cleveland's #1 Wax Studio

Serving Northeast Ohio

Shumai-Chi Specializes in Male Waxing

Shumai-Chi uses only European Waxes engineered to leave your skin in stealth condition after hair removal.

Shumai-Chi is a Skin Care Studio specializing in Waxing. We opened with your personal concerns in mind. We take great care in providing privacy, anonymity and comfort while utilizing the most stringent sanitation procedures.

We take extra-measures in making your waxing visit a pleasant experience while sustaining minimum discomfort. 

What should I do to prepare for my waxing service?

A gentle dry brushing is recommended the night before or day of your service.

If you are unable to do so, no worries. Shumai-Chi will condition your skin prior to the service to prepare it for hair removal.

How long should I wait if I've been shaving?

Allowing 3 1/2 weeks before waxing is strongly recommended as to allow the growth cycles from shaving to cycle out for smooth and optimal results. 

What if I suffer from razor bumps or burns?

Waxing changes the diameter of the hair root and confuses it. The root becomes much smaller and the regrowth becomes thinner and sparser with a 4-5 week waxing regime. 

What if I have a reaction?

Sometimes warm wax can result in a natural reaction. No worries, your technician will continue your professional hair removal service and you will quickly be at ease. 

Male Body Waxing​

 First Male Brazilian(includes front and private area of back side)


 Male Brazilian Maintinance4-5 wks


Male Bum Wax


Men's Back Wax  


Men's Chest Wax 


Shoulder Wax 


Neck Wax


Stomach Wax 


Half Arm Wax




Full Leg Wax 


Half Leg 


Upper Thigh Wax from




Feet (includes toes)


 Nose Wax


Eye Brow Wax 


Eye Brow Wax & Color 


Male Facials

Men's Deep Pore Facial 

($150.) 1hr 15min

A made to measure deep-cleansing treatment purifies, balances and corrects. A exclusive grooming facial with a softening malt concentrate. Blackheads and dead cells are gently eliminated by the professional face peel technique that remains mild. Finishing with the exclusive Yon-Ka massage and conclusion.

Ideal for the outdoor sportsman City Skin or imbalanced, stressed skin Skin suffering from breakouts or congestion

Age Defense Facial 

($135) 1 hr 15m

Male hydraulic face treatment that lifts and firms up the skin. Anti-Wrinkle engineered treatment highly concentrated with natural active ingredients to give your skin a burst of energy. Ultra targeted cleansing, exfoliation, misting and masks follow each other in harmony. Concludes with Yon-ka exclusive massage to lift and firm for a stealth complexion.


 While always chasing the fountain of youth, I was on the hunt for my first experience of getting the infamous buttocks wax. I anxiously read the many men and women experiences who claim it to be either the best or worst experience of their lives. I was in it to win it. And I won big!

I feverishly entered "male waxing" into Google and a few results came up, including this site with it's 2.5 star rating. I was nervous. After carefully reviewing my options (without much regard to the reviews based on the lack of actual reason for any negativity) I called and made an appointment, Ronnie was able to take me the next day! Score!

It was easy to find using my GPS (20 minute drive from me), and well worth every minute. Previous reviews may say it's in the middle of nowhere, so is IKEA. If I will drive over 2 hours to buy some furniture, I surely won't mind driving 20 minutes to Columbia Station for a top notch wax.

I entered the establishment and was quickly and kindly taken care of, I was instantly at ease. The place is clean, quiet and Ronnie surely knows what she is doing. I was told to disrobe and assume my humble position, my back flat on a comfortable and soft bed. Ronnie then entered and the waxing commenced, she explained what she was doing and then proceeded to have a normal, engaging conversation with me. She was able to distract from the obvious awkwardness and it also helps with the pain (which was minimal I might add, so relieved!)

Once it was over she recommended proper post-waxing care with a kindness and warmth so often no seen anymore in the beauty industry, I felt like she genuinely cared. The prices are super affordable as I've seen places charge upwards of $100 for the same exact service!

I was in and out in under 30 minutes, happy as a clam. No wax residue was left on my body and her application/execution was precise, thorough and fast, much like her obvious experience in this field.  

I will definitely be back in 5 weeks, and each 5 weeks after to continue the awesome experience I had until I'm hopefully one day hairless. :)

Louie from Columbus


560 Pearl Rd. Brunswick, Ohio 44212

Call Us

440 236 3033

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