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Signature Facials

Grand Classique 

($110) 1hr 15m

Deep Pore Facial

Deep cleansing facial in 5 phases exclusive Yon-ka method. Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. Deep micro-peel to exfoliate and lift dead skin cells. Revealing a softened brightened complexion.

Excellence Code Facial 

($175 ) 

60 or 90 min

Defy Time with Yon-ka Biocellulose technology. Used in reconstructive surgery. Global Youth Cream with immortality herb. Repairs to the Cellular level and Oxygenates pigmentation. This is the Rolls Royce of Age Correction. Clinical Score depth of wrinkles -25%

* Device Option : Restore Muscle Memory- Add Micro-Current (+$50)

Results: Nourished and comfortable skin 

:Average gain in hydration +115% after 3 hr    : Reactivated lipid synthesis

: Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis

:Prevent damaging effects of protein glycation

Whom: 50+ Anyone showing signs of aging

Frequency: 1 a week ( 4 treatments)

Maintenance: Once a month

Time Resist Facial 


60-90 min 

Indulge in nature's powerful restructuring restoring elasticity. Reducing the span and depth of wrinkles, smoothing the skin and restoring the dermal layer and natural glow. Plant stem cells regenerate and protect your natural stem cells from degeneration.

Results: Preservation of elastic fibers Reinforcement of the skins structure. Clinically proven results

Whom: 35+ Skin showing signs of aging Recovery from chemical peels

Device Option: Micro-Current (+$50)

smooth and compliment botox & fillers

Micro-current Facial Treatment


Micro-current is very well known to be one of the most effective non-surgical methods to take years off of your face. Our treatments take the efficiency of a micro-current face lift to a whole new level by using it to re-balance facial symmetry.

Along with award winning skin care products, this combination provides amazing results and is incredibly relaxing all at the same time. Since micro-current is completely sub-sensory, most clients fall asleep.

Micro-current increases cell-energy, nutrient absorption and creates healthy cell metabolism. Micro current stimulates the tissue, helps to improve collagen, elasticity and lift and redefine the face and neck.

Bringing a whole new frontier of comfort to a face lift, we are confident you'll be a fan of this non-invasive, restorative technique using Dr. Charles Jade Therapy incorporated with Siang Mien, reading of faces from ancient China.

• Add a aha peel $25.

• Add to any facial $50.

What our customers are saying

I've gone to Ronne for years for eyebrows and facials and my skin has never looked so good! My eyebrows have much improved with her help after other salons had over-waxed and over-tweezed them (and well, ok, I over-tweezed them too). I have a crazy schedule and she has always figured out a way to make sure I get in when I need to. It takes me an hour to get to her studio from where I work and she's worth every minute of the driv

Susan P.

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